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Empower visualization with us

Our Mission

At Averplas, we specialize in creating 3D software solutions that connect people and improve overall productivity.


We believe that our solutions bridge communication barriers and enhance the experience for both our clients and their customers.


Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality software solutions that is both innovative and efficient. We are passionate about finding new ways to improve the industry and deliver real value to our clients.

Our Technology

Averplas is in the field of artificial intelligence 3D modeling. Through cloud computing, it provides 3D digital modeling services for businesses. Using AI algorithms, it can transform 2D photos of faces into 3D human body models in seconds. We offer technical support and services to various industry businesses, including software development, software licensing, cloud computing, and other industry solutions.

Through cloud computing, we achieve real-time model generation and interaction on mobile devices, enhancing the user experience and providing businesses with more efficient, cost-effective, and low-risk services. 

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Our Story

We are used to working with all types of customers - local or global, large or small. Exceptional quality is the foundation of our company, and is the driving force behind all decisions We work in a highly competitive field, so we’re constantly investing in technology and research to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.


We have developed partnerships with leading local institutions, an unicorn AI company, and an OEM, providing not only technology support but also an all-rounded solution to enhance our clients' businesses.

Our Advantage

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Traffic Acquisition

Strengthening the loyalty of existing customers, attracting potential clients, and bringing in new visitors.

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High-Quality Service

Our commitment to offering the most professional technical solutions to all of our partner clients.

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Boosting  Efficiency

By analyzing customer usage patterns through data, we gain a clear understanding of their actual needs, allowing for precise alignment and reducing unproductive interactions.



Advertising Impact

An entertainment-focused approach inherently yields marketing benefits, resulting in a quicker and broader brand recognition.

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Exemplifying Expertise

Combining exceptional specialized technology with deep industry knowledge to build a solid foundation.

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Cost Efficient

Enabling direct communication between customers and healthcare facilities or platform providers.


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